Thursday, October 7, 2010

so here's where it all began/begins!

it all started here...on this day...
 and then this day cemented it...

 my daughters forced me to it.
no, that's not totally accurate...their presence inspired me to it...
inspired me to create for them. for other kids. for friends. for strangers. for neighbors. for children anywhere and everywhere!
my sewing addiction began with this gift:
my first project on the machine was the banner that hangs in our playroom/craft space...the project went horribly. i had to call four different relatives who have sewing backgrounds to bail me out on multiple occasions. 
 i am glad that i didn't allow that project to become my last...because i would have been really missing out! these little numbers taught me how to sew--i sold so many of them last holiday season in my old shop (still open by the way for hair accessories and the like) that i was forced to better my novice skills.

fast forward fourteen months, add a serger into the mix and so many yards of fabric into my stash that i cannot even fathom counting them or ever getting the chance to work with them and sew out the visions i had for each piece when they first caught my eye and factor in a second baby and an absolute love for dressing my girls in fun, kinda funky, bright and unexpectedly un-youthful patterns and styles molded from my hands...and you get this...
 it is certainly a work in progress. and i suppose it always will be. but come to this--the window into my little shop--and take a peek inside. if you like the projects brewing behind my machines and in my busy brain, stay a while. and journey with me!
do you know the song, "chickadee, chickadee! fly through my window. chickadee chickadee fly through my window...find molasses candy" ? that cheerful, upbeat and contagious children's song caught my daughter's ear and now lingers in mine. i thought its message and mode aligned well with my ideas for a new shop...cheerful, upbeat, contagious. hopefully this blog and the behind the scenes view it will offer will be just those adjectives (and more!).

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  1. Ashley...I can hardly believe that your first project went so awry! It gives me hope that I might do more than cry when I try a sewing project. You are AMAZING! Keep it up!