Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you giveaway!

Three thank you's for the three hundred plus fans who have so kindly followed along with chickadee chickadee...and three thank you's standing for the three items I will be giving away tonight!
So that mamas of boys and girls are equally thanked for being chickadee chickadee friends, I've got some things to interest both parties up for grabs! I will choose three winners from all the comments--be sure to mention whether you have a little girl or a little boy or both--that way I will know how best to disperse the prizes!

First up, your choice of any of my new-for-spring cropped ruffles!
Next, an adorable little guy tie made from the hard-to-find Riley Blake Wheels fabric collection!

And for the third and final prize, I will make whatever item you would like (we're talking: romper, collage dress, twirl skirt, apron twirl skirt, ruffle pants, smocked halter dress, pillowcase dress--knot dresses are not included) out of any of these prints! You pick! How fun!

So here's what you can do to win: Leave a separate comment for each of the following entries--that gives you four chances to win!
-be sure you are a facebook friend of chickadee chickadee! and then leave a comment telling me that you are and your fb name! (required entry)
-update your facebook status with a link to this giveaway and my shop facebook page! and then leave me a comment when you've done this!
-heart my shop on etsy! and then leave a comment letting me know that you have and also be sure to include your etsy username! (my shop is on vacation, but you can still heart it! and you can browse through all the items that have sold recently to get an idea for what is in store when i reopen in a few weeks!)
-leave me a comment with your guess as to which two U.S. states (and in the correct order!!) placed orders for the most chickadee chickadee Valentine's pieces!

This contest will close tomorrow night, January 18th, at midnight! So go!! Enter!! Win!! and thank you, everyone for shopping with me and for following my little shop as it grows and grows!