Sunday, May 13, 2012

mother's day tea

my wonderful mom planned and put on the most amazing afternoon tea party for all her grand-daughters today! (poor baby b was a little left out but he did manage to skip a nap and attend for a few minutes before catching up on golf with the rest of the men in the family!) she has been working on every facet of the tea for many weeks now and the girls grew more excited by the day to attend mimi's party! we donned gloves and hats and fabulous costume jewelry for the fete! fancy nancy herself would have been impressed by our attention to every frilly detail! i have been sewing more play clothing for the girls lately than dresses so i figured they needed something fancy and fun for today's event! and not to worry, baby b was not left out of the weekend sewing...he got a schweeeet pair of yellow seersucker shorts! here are some pictures of our fabulous tea party!
awestruck by the festivities!
happy mother's day, mimi! we love you and had the best time today!