Sunday, October 17, 2010

last night's crafting...

well, my night didn't quite go as planned...when putting lil miss down to sleep, i dosed off too...wouldn't be that big of a problem, in fact it is just plain wonderful that she actually wants to cuddle these days, but i had SOOOO very much to sew! i came to around midnight, snuck out of bed and crept to the craft room. there i stayed until 4 am...bad idea. really bad idea. sweet pea still nurses once during the early morning (i know...what can i say? it is a bad habit and she surely doesn't need it, but i like to snuggle her too and i know this phase passes way too quickly to be a stickler on it...) and what do you know but that my head just hit the pillow around 4:15 when little sweet pea i didn't fall back asleep until close to five and then viola...two hours later the sun was rising and so was lil miss.
while i am kicking myself for pulling these kind of hours, i am pleased with what the night produced...

 heading back to the sewing room!!

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