Monday, October 25, 2010

weekend in the workshop

i am so thankful for my husband--he took the girls saturday morning so that i could give undivided attention to sewing and orders. i was able to get a lot accomplished--i can't even imagine how much i could get done if i had more than just naptime and from 10pm-12am to sit behind my machines every day! i finished four pairs of denim ruffles, three birthday number tees, one big sister shirt, nine boys' tees, one ruffle skirt and one corduroy ruffle dress (that i am in love with and seriously secretly hopes does not sell at the art fair i am participating in this weekend for my niece's school!)...and i cut out many more things in prep for sewing this week.  by far my most favorite thing that i made this weekend was this little set...
my oldest daughter's friend's older sister and the best friend of my little neighbor was diagnosed with stage four cancer in late july. i wanted to help bring smiles to the family faces again even for a few minutes. i made small little things for the kids in the summer but wanted to do something more for little ava. this isn't much but i am excited to pass it along to her. ava turns five in two weeks and one of my first customers through the etsy shop (and actually a family friend of ava's daddy come to find out!) suggested that i make her a birthday tee and something matchy for her favorite doll. this was the first time i sewed for a doll and it was a lot of fun (i wonder if customers at the etsy shop would be interested in coordinating outfits for daughter and doll--something to think about and get feedback regarding i guess!!)! lil miss happens to have the same or similar doll as Ava--lil miss calls hers affectionately "baby with the stripes" since her original outfit was multi-colored and stripey, but Ava, i hear, calls her baby "straw baby" (sp?)! hopefully ava and straw baby will enjoy their new outfits and headbands!
 all in all, it was a great weekend with family and with my sewing machines!!

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