Tuesday, April 26, 2011

yea or nay

i haven't made up my mind yet...
...so i thought i would see what your opinions are!  
 when i bought these prints I thought there was a lot more pink in both colorways then there actually turned out to be when I went to sew up the outfits...do you think they are too masculine or can girls pull off this madras madness?
 i was a little overwhelmed by the number of ruffle pants the girls have in their drawers, so i decided to try some bloomer-type bottoms...hit or miss?

Monday, April 18, 2011

tonight's options

so i am about to list two ready-to-ship knot dresses on the facebook page, but wanted to post a few pictures of the goodies here first because they need some explaining...
first of all, i made sashes for both dresses but i haven't attached them yet because i think they look cute with and without them, so i figured the buyer could decide! i can also include the sash in the package but not sew it on if that is preferred. 

both are 2T in length...the orange/pink/brown dress is a little narrower through the bodice than the typical 2T size. so if you are shopping for a 2-year old that is on the slimmer side, that one is the dress for you!
just posting a picture of some flower clippies that i have that are also ready-to-send out...the orange clippie pictured on the bottom would look super cute with the brown/orange/pink knot dress and the light pink clippie would go great with the other!
alright, i will be posting these very soon!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

smile, it's spring!

to celebrate the arrival of spring, i think it is high time for another contest! this one will last the whole rest of the month of april and is pretty simple!

i am sure that you all are getting tired of seeing pictures of my kids wearing chickadee chickadee on the blog and on facebook, so...
this month, i invite you to post pictures of your little sweeties wearing their chickadee chickadee to the facebook page!
-you can post a picture for each of your chickadee chickadee pieces! the more photos you submit, the better your chances!
-don't worry, there won't be any voting involved as to which photo is the best quality or which cutie pie is the cutest (goodness--they're all so adorable!!)--i will simply put all the names of those of you who contribute photos to the facebook page in a hat and draw a winner!
what's the prize?
-an oh my ruffle goodness skirt! you all have teased for them and i have been too swamped to offer them yet, so one lucky winner will get this coveted gem and get to design it too! fun fun!

can't wait to see your little ones in chickadee chickadee!