Thursday, October 14, 2010

in the mail...

 and even though i have not too much spare time on my hands these days between chasing these two and keeping up with shop orders, i have been including little extras in each package i have sent out...mostly headbands and clippies like those in my other shop, but today i decided to try something new that seems to be all the rage right now...rolled fabric roses! they are delightful and easy to make...this was my first attempt so there is definitely room for improvement! i used this tutorial from one of my favorite blog stops!!

a fantabulous blog that i am sure you have all heard of and visited, made, also has a great series of flower tutorials, so when i find myself with an extra hour or two (next year!!) i will check them all out and try my hand at more variations!
and one of my favorite fabric designers, sandi henderson, also has a wonderful tutorial on rolled roses posted on her gorgeous blog (it's on the side bar)!

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