Monday, March 7, 2011


(can you tell i do not have the skill of cake decorating?)
my oldest turned three (gasp!) on saturday! i had to make her a "princess birthday dress" because i knew if i didn't, she would insist on wearing her ole standby from the dress up bin...a um lovely little aqua thing...
which of course she put on as soon as she woke up since i didn't have the new dress ready (or eek! even started until 9am (the guests came at 10:30!).
she requested ruffles and that is just what she got!
i didn't manage to snap any decent pictures of her wearing the dress since she was too busy flitting around and trying out and on all her new presents, eating cake and brunch goodies and playing with her cousins!so this is the best i ended up with!

she adores all things fancy and she loves dressing up, so we gave her a big bin full of dress-up things! i made her a super hero cape, a crown, a cheerleading outfit...and had plans to sew more things, but time got the best of me and i had to hang my hat!  she got much more excitement out of her disney princess costumes that my family gave her than these handmade things anyways, but hopefully someday she will enjoy them too!

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