Thursday, March 17, 2011

a little crazy

today i created something a little bit more funky than usual. my sister loves upcycling clothing and she is great at it (just check out her etsy shop!!) and when she was over yesterday she looked through some of my old t-shirts with me. this one shirt i used to wear back in college just screamed to be re-made into something new. i think it was from anthropology back in the day. i liked it a lot way back when. then gradually it found its way to the bottom of the stacks of clothing on my shirt shelf and finally found its sad self a new home the "scrap and re-craft bin" in my sewing nook. today the shirt morphed into something altogether different. two somethings different to be exact. on a whim, i pulled it out of that bin, hastily (maybe too hastily?) selected two fabrics to go with it, and headed over to my cutting table to get to work. i cut out two tank pieces from the front side of the tee using one of reece's tops as a guide and then i chopped off some fabric to form the skirt of the dress. i couldn't leave the other side of the tee just laying there til the next time inspiration took me back to the scrap bin, so i decided to make a dress for little macy too. i guessed entirely on her dimensions for the tank (and have a little tailoring to do now) and cut some more of the cotton fabric for the skirt for hers. then it was off to the serger and the sewing machines for my happy little scraps. surprisingly, both dresses came together really quickly--guess that is a perk of upcycling (part of the work is already done for you!)--which was great because as i sat down to sew i conveniently heard reece waking up. it wasn't too long before macy followed suit, but by then i had already finished one dress and was on the second one and couldn't stop! they are quite crazy in my opinion, but reece liked her dress a lot and that means they will be keepers. we had some fun walking around the neighborhood tonight in the new frocks! what do you think? too funky? or will they work?

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