Monday, March 28, 2011

sewing for sharing

I of course love to sew for the girls.

And definitely for all of you. But I especially love to sew for special children in special circumstances who need a smile and a little handmade love. This weekend I had the privilege of sewing for a sweet little five-year old recently diagnosed with brain cancer. I heard of her story through the prayer emails generated by the school where I used to teach. I read of her journey at her family's blog and knew I wanted to cheer Lucy up in whatever way I could. Little Lucy's favorite color is green and she loves immediately my head started spinning and this is what my machines turned out this weekend in between sewing rompers and dresses and ruffles...

I couldn't leave out big sister or little brother!

 I got to experiment with my newest crafting tool and I have to say I am smitten for the silhouette that other half generously gave me for our birthday (isn't she the best???)! It is awesome and seems to be able to do almost anything!! I used it to cut the heat transfer material for the tee and onesie and for the little froggies I wanted to be sure found a spot on each item since Lucy just adores them! I love sharing my sewing projects with others and I hope to make it more of a habit and to use my interests in sewing to benefit others and to glorify my great God, who is also THE Healer and the Great Physician and the one whom we ask for Lucy's cancer to flee and quickly! Work a miracle, dear Lord! This world is a fallen place, where suffering and hardships happen to many people everyday. I never want to take my situation for granted or to get too comfortable in my surroundings--how quickly they may change too. We have been blessed beyond measure and most certainly beyond what we deserve; and I want to hear stories like Lucy's and really hear and really help while I can because it keeps me on my knees praying for the salvation of the nations and the return of Christ the King. It keeps me humble and reminds me of my need for God's saving grace and presence every day. I hope to very soon invite you to send me the names and stories of people that you know who could use a touch of handmade to brighten their spirits. I am working on the details so I will announce those soon! In the meantime, pray for Lucy and her family and pray for those in your path who are hurting and I will do the same.


  1. Such a sweet and heartfelt present that will lift little Lucy's spirits. Praying with you... it's a long, hard road, and "normal" is now in the rear view mirror for her family. May God hold them all close...

  2. sending lots a prayers to Lucy and her Family!!!!!!

  3. God Bless you for bringing a smile to this girl's face! The world needs more givers like you :)