Thursday, March 31, 2011

now that's one cool tool

my silhouette has only been up and running for four days now...but i have managed to become quickly enamored by this thing! i am such a sucker for monograms, so of course when my heat transfer materials arrived in the mail, sticking little initials and monograms on every piece of my girls' clothing was my first thought...i've reigned that in and only transformed two things into cuteness for them--a tank for r and a onesie for m. 

couldn't stop there though, here is another onesie i worked on yesterday with the heat transfer for a baby gift. yesterday my materials for using the silhouette to cut fabric arrived and i was so ready to get my hands on some appliques that i tore into the packaging at lightening speed! i have had requests for lots of birthday tees lately and the silhouette was such a fantastic sidekick to have around last night as i was working on these two special orders.

and no, in case you're wondering about all this gushing i am doing over my new toy, silhouette has not paid me to say all this--i am just so excited about all its possibilities!! so tell me, would you be interested in monogrammed tees that match ruffle capris, pants, or skirts?
and p.s. how long can a baby legally wear onesies, because after putting this one on her last night, i don't think i can stop anytime soon...


  1. I think those are adorable and would be so cute with matching capris or skirts!

  2. I'm just sitting here trying to figure out just how quickly I can have a little girl so that I can buy everything you have!!!

  3. LOVE's been my hesitancy in ordering b/c i knew i'd have to go buy shirts to match, HA@!!!

  4. I LOVE my silhouette too! Wish I had more time to play with it...but 3 littles under 3 can make that tough. Congrats on your #3 on the way! So much fun!!

  5. Love the monograms!!! I, too, am obsessed with it!!! You are getting better and better!!

  6. Ok, that butterfly first birthday shirt is to die for!!! Seriously, so cute! I am going to need one of those for my daughter's 3rd bday in October! What do I need to do to order one? My email is
    Jenny Neveras