Sunday, July 29, 2012

a sweet day

today was a big one for our family! little man b was dedicated at church this morning, and as his parents we committed to raising him in a home that honors the Lord and relies on the saving grace of Christ.  here are some photos of our day today!
i made two new styles of dresses for the girls to wear on this special occasion. i am just in love with this vintage-feel fabric and adore that it can go spring or fall! and the open-back of the dresses is a sweet surprise that the girls got quite a kick out of! :)


  1. Love all of the kids' outfits! We dedicate our babies to the Lord too and it's such a special ceremony.

  2. adorable! Love their dresses! They are seriously amazing. And his little romper! Swoon! We give our babies a name and a blessing at church when they are little too and it's always such a special day. :)

    1. thanks, natalie!! wish we lived closer to you all!!