Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 14th Ready to Ship Upload details

Hello, everyone! In just a few minutes (9pm EST) the June ready to ship albums will go live! Here are some things to know and keep in mind about tonight's sale:
~at 9pm EST I will post two photo albums (one with 3m to 24m sized items and the other with 2T-4/5Tsized items) with pictures of every item. 
~to claim an item, simply comment on the picture of the item you like with your paypal address. if you do not feel comfortable writing out your paypal address, you can claim the item with a comment that you will send me a message with your paypal address. 
~if for some reason a picture pops up before 9 pm, please wait until the album has been published to comment. If your comment appears before 9pm, I will not count it. I do not like being the bad guy, but I'm trying to keep it fair! :) hope that makes sense!
~if you like an item but it has already been claimed, feel free to comment if you are second in line--with "second"--if the first buyer does not pay the invoice, i will contact you! but please, if you comment to claim, please pay your invoice!! :) 
~you will receive an invoice for your item(s) by Friday night or Saturday morning (baby is having his tubes put into his ears in the morning and I'm not sure how that will color our day tomorrow!). Please pay within 24 hours so that I can mail out your goodies as soon as possible!
~shipping is $3.50, $1 for each additional item.
~if you are interested in a pair of shorts and would like a coordinating tee or tank (with applique (name, initial, number or image etc) or fabric flower) I can take orders for those (i know how annoying it is to have a cute pair of pants or shorts and nothing to go with it!!). tees and tanks to match the shorts will be $16 and flutter sleeve tank tops will be $22. These will ship within ten days.

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