Tuesday, March 27, 2012

for the boy!

 clearly, little man is outnumbered in our household...and his small stack of clothing options is minute compared to his sisters...on saturday, when laying out the girls' outfits for church the next morning...i was overcome with the desperate need to make mr. b. something...anything... and fast! a last minute project to be sure...it's never wise to start a project (way back at the tracing the pattern onto paper step!) at 11pm the night before you want your kid to wear what you are sewing! it wasn't a time consuming pattern though and didn't have me up all night...but i did think about ways to tweak it all night long after it was done and finished, so i lost just as much sleep over it as if i'd stayed up and sewn five more! after trying it on babe in the am, i chopped off the legs and turned it into shortalls and took in about an inch from either side... things to change next time i make this for my buddy!! i am glad to have dipped a teeny tiny toe into the water of making boy's duds! i was worried the water would be unfriendly and i didn't find it so at all! here's to more clothes for you, little mr.!!
 finally, they're all in handmade...next step--coordinating outfits!
 and smiling...and looking at the camera...and not bickering, etc., etc., etc.! :)


  1. I always sewed for my little boy who is almost 37 now. I made him bibs, pull up pants and many cute t-shirts using Stretch and Sew patterns. Now a days it's just doll clothing after doll clothing, I have a mini factory.