Monday, April 18, 2011

tonight's options

so i am about to list two ready-to-ship knot dresses on the facebook page, but wanted to post a few pictures of the goodies here first because they need some explaining...
first of all, i made sashes for both dresses but i haven't attached them yet because i think they look cute with and without them, so i figured the buyer could decide! i can also include the sash in the package but not sew it on if that is preferred. 

both are 2T in length...the orange/pink/brown dress is a little narrower through the bodice than the typical 2T size. so if you are shopping for a 2-year old that is on the slimmer side, that one is the dress for you!
just posting a picture of some flower clippies that i have that are also ready-to-send out...the orange clippie pictured on the bottom would look super cute with the brown/orange/pink knot dress and the light pink clippie would go great with the other!
alright, i will be posting these very soon!

1 comment:

  1. obsessed with these!! too bad they are too big for lily or i would be saying "SOLD!" :)